Best prices of Cialis and penile implants to get erection

Penile implants

Implants come in two types. The first type is semi-rigid. Their hardness is not regulated; that is, a person with such an implant has a permanent erection. On the one hand, it is inconvenient, on the other hand – very affordable. The design is very simple: a splinting element, such as a silver wire, poured into a silicone shell. There are structures of semi-rigid implants, which inside is not a wire, and a chain of connected segments – like the joints of the vertebrae in the spine, giving him flexibility. It is made of composite materials and is also filled with silicone for erasability.

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Semi-rigid construction does not bend?

Bends perfectly, but look: if after bending the implant to let go, it is straightened not to the end – the return effect of residual elasticity.

The man bends the penis with the implant, laying it in a non-working state along the scrotum, but the organ is still slightly dejected. Such patients do not usually go to the bath or the beach after surgery to avoid questions.

That is, the first type of implants creates a visual impression of a permanently erect penis.

Both visually and for the patient’s feelings. It is, in fact, a real erect penis – instead of cavernous bodies implanted splint element, which makes the penis solid.

What happens in a person’s head?

Nothing’s happening. He does not need mental stimulation, and if there is a sexual stimulus is always ready for sexual intercourse, just straightening the penis.


Hands. The implant provides a very reliable sexual intercourse, creating sufficient firmness. More precisely, implants – there are two of them, because in the male penis two cavernous bodies, right and left.

The design is simple, but it doesn’t seem to be the most comfortable.

That’s why in the 70s of the last century in the U.S. worried about creating a system that will be more comfortable for men: there will be no concern about where to put, how to configure the sexual organ to avoid the visual, as well as related psychological and social discomfort. Thus, the first hydraulic implant was developed, an analog of the natural male anatomical structures, giving full naturalness of sensations. Only two companies in the world produce such implants: American Medical System and Coloplast – both American.

That is, the first type of implant reproduces, in fact, only the erected cavernous body – the last link in the chain responsible for sexual intercourse, and the second – a more complex and long part of this chain.

Naturally, to create a variable erection – both erect and calm penile condition – this chain must contain several elements that have analogs in the male body. First of all, artificial cavernous bodies were made, which inform repeat human – soft silicone cylinders. They are filled with a sterile saline solution that does not need to be replaced.

For life?

For the entire resource of the implant. Based on technologies that allow artificially aging materials – such are used in the space industry and the automotive industry – we can assume that the resource of these falloprostheses is more than 20 years old. So the cylinders are artificial cavernous bodies, there are two of them. To fill them with liquid, there is a reservoir, the size of the volume of circulating blood necessary for an erection.

How much is that?

Depending on the size of the sexual organ, an erection requires about 100 milliliters of blood. The reservoir is implanted in the pelvic area near the bladder. It is much smaller: the bladder is on average 250-300 milliliters, and the reservoirs are small, about 75 milliliters, or large, about 125 – in any case smaller than the bladder. We do not injure the bubble in any way – there is enough space next to it. Naturally, the reservoir is in a full state only when there is no erection, and the cylinders that replace the cavernous bodies in the penis are blown away. The moment we activate the implant, the tank is completely emptied – the liquid goes into the cylinders. But for all this to interact, we have to have a pump…

… who’s going to drive the liquid from the tank into the cavernous bodies?

Yes, and vice versa: it will devastate cavernous bodies when it is necessary to cause the reverse process. To do this, the most complex element of the system – pump. Why complicated? Because all this device in the form of valves is placed in a tiny volume. Look: it’s cast, there’s not a single seam. Amazing know-how.